Wood Burning Stoves – Decrease The Increase In Home Insurance


Right now is a great time to install a wood burning stove in your home to help reduce the cost of heating your home over the winter. Instead of waiting for the cooler months to come, you can get great deals on the stove itself, have an easier time getting a chimney sweep hired and maybe even save on the cost of installation by adding the stove during the off-season.

29 July 2015

Yes, Homeowners Insurance Could Cover Your Comic Book Collection


Homeowners insurance often extends beyond protecting the value of a property. Adding contents insurance provisions to a policy allows for recovering the loss of valuable and not-so-valuable belongings in the aftermath of an unfortunate accident. For those who own one or more very rare comic books, a contents insurance provision opens the door to procuring the funds to replace a rather costly collection lost to a fire or a flood.

2 June 2015

4 Ways To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium


Purchasing a home is a huge investment, and homeowners insurance helps you protect what is probably your biggest asset. As important as homeowners insurance is, there is no reason to pay more than you have to for coverage. Use the following tips to save money on your homeowners insurance premiums: Increase Your Deductible Like any other type of insurance, homeowners insurance requires you to pay a deductible out of pocket before your insurance company will cover the cost of any damage to your home.

21 January 2015