4 Ways To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium


Purchasing a home is a huge investment, and homeowners insurance helps you protect what is probably your biggest asset. As important as homeowners insurance is, there is no reason to pay more than you have to for coverage. Use the following tips to save money on your homeowners insurance premiums:

Increase Your Deductible

Like any other type of insurance, homeowners insurance requires you to pay a deductible out of pocket before your insurance company will cover the cost of any damage to your home. You can reduce your homeowners insurance expenses by raising the deductible on your policy. This can work well for many people, as it is not a common occurrence to make insurance claims on your home regularly. If you choose to have a high homeowners insurance deductible, make sure that you have cash equaling that amount in a saving account in case of emergency.

Make Your Home as Secure and Safe as Possible

There are many ways to get discounts on your homeowners insurance, and you can also make your home safer and more secure at the same time. Check your smoke detectors to make sure that they are working properly, and check the dead-bolts on exterior doors to ensure that they are in good condition. One of the best ways to help reduce your homeowners insurance costs is by installing an alarm system on your home. For the biggest discounts on your premiums, chose an alarm system that will alert the authorities if you are not home and something happens inside your home.

Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Your insurance company wants as much business from you as they can get! When seeking homeowners insurance, call your auto insurance carrier first. When you add an insurance policy to an existing account you can save a substantial amount of money over the course of a year, so bundling insurance policies can be be very beneficial to your bank account.

Make Your Home Safer

Insurance companies are constantly weighing cost versus risk when issuing homeowners policies, so if you can make improvements to your home that protect it from natural disasters, you can save a lot of money on your homeowners insurance. Depending on the area of the country that you live in, adding storm shutters, reinforcing your roof, or retrofitting your home to better withstand earthquakes can make your home safer while also saving you a lot of money over the years when it comes to homeowners insurance. Talk to a professional like Livings Insurance Agency for more information.


21 January 2015

Learning About Home Insurance Plans

Hi there, my name is Donald Regaldo. I would like to share the different coverage types, and amounts available for home insurance policies. Setting up and maintaining a home insurance policy seems to overwhelm or frustrate nearly everyone. These protective policies do not need to be so confusing, however. You can learn all there is to know about this subject to stay in control of your insurance plans. By learning the ropes, you can save money while keeping your coverage amounts at the right level. With the right plan, home insurance can save you and your family from devastation after a loss caused by theft or fire. Feel free to come by my site anytime to learn more about home insurance coverage.